Why not to text while jumping on a trampoline with no net at midnight.

You fall of, can't breath, and all your friends start crying because they think your dead.
And then you get mud stains on your butt, and it looks like you took a giant dump in your pants.



Last night we had a Spring Dance at school. I didn't plan on going but my best friend Chelsey somehow talked me into going. I had attended the 1st dance in 6th grade, but didn't go to the last 2 we had, because the 1st time I went I got mad at a boy I liked. And this shocked me, I got mad at the boy I like now. He would dance with a girl right next to me, look at me, look away, and then just stand there. Boy's are retarded. Well not ALL of them.



My head hurts, my throat hurts when I breath and cough...... I have a fever of 102.2, well I thought I would be able to make a nice long post, but I don't even have the energy to type this.


The Funniest Joke EVER!

" OK, OK, when you walk by a Pitt Bull, and name it Brad, IT'S NAME IS
~ Andrew B. ~





Merry Kwismas

Merry Kwismas everybody. For those of you who celebrate Hanukkah, I expect a Hippopotamus from you. Well if it has already passed, I still expect one, the reason for this is because a person I admire deeply, posted a video on YouTube, expressing his want for a Hippo. So I would like one in honor of my admired person.




Jonas Brothers

If you all haven't noticed don't like Rupert anymore, I have a new love, but this time there is three of them. They are the Jonas Brothers. I like Joe. He is Cute. So is Nick.

On this ever so lovely picture you see the ever so cute JoBros,

from left to right, Kevin (20), Nick (15), Joe (18)


I'm Going to London. (NTRLY)

As you all might already know, I'm going to London.

Why? You ask, well its a LLLLOOONNNGGG story. But to make it short it's all Uncle Joe's fault.



Well I found the answers in the trash, where else would they be?

1. You must tell the numbers in spaces 1 and 2 about this game.

2. The person you name in space 3 is the one toy love.

3. The person in space 7 is the one you like but it will never work out.

4. You care most about the person in space 4.

5. The person you name in 5 is the one who knows you the best.

6. The person in 6 is your lucky charm.

7. The song in 8 matches the person in space 3.

8. The title in 9 is the song that describes the person in 7.

9. The song in 10 tells you most about your mind.

10. The song in number 11 is telling you how you feel about your life.


How do you make a smiley face with a tongue? :oP??

Well about that Quiz thingy, As you all might know or might not know my Nana thinks she has to throw EVERYTHING away, and she threw the answer sheet away. Sorry and Goodbye.Oh but keep your sheet of paper with your answers on it , if I want the answers I will have to go to the Library and get a book checked out and try to find the page it was on and then come back to my Nana's house and then find the page again, and then log on to my thing and get on my blog and then post the answers.



Okay for this Quiz you will need paper, and a pencil. Make sure you keep the piece of paper somewhere where you will be able to find it when I post the answers. Most of you have probably already taken this Quiz, I don't care.Okay here we go.

1. First write the numbers 1-11 in a column on the left side of your paper.
2. Beside the numbers 1 and 2 write any numbers you want.
3. Next to number 3 and number 7 write down members of the opposite sex.
4. Write anyone's name (friends,family,etc.) in spaces 4,5,6.
5. Write down four song titles in 8,9,10, and 11.


I will post the answers when everyone has told me that they have taken the Quiz.


HaHaHa HA!

Ha! I met Jamie Dawn! Ha! You didn't HA HA HA!


I'm on VaCa

We are in Hickville, America for a so called "Vacation". Whatever. I guess no one likes me bacause they don't comment on my blog anymore. We are special because we might get to see Jamie Dawn. Ha! >:op



Saturday my cousin Tawni and her mom, dad and little brother were at a little creek by there house that had flooded her parents turned there heads for 2 seconds and Tawny was gone. She had fallen in and the current carried her away she was pulled under the water and got stuck under a slab of concrete.
Saturday July 7th Tawni Camille Smith drowned. I think it was my fault even though I wasn't there. "If only I didn't do this maybe that wouldn't have happend." I keep thinking to myself. If only it wasn't her. I can barely type this. My mom told me what happened on Sunday after I had been at my cousins house, we were on our way to the Mall, not 2 seconds after she told me what had happened I started crying, I looked in the rear view mirror and saw my mom crying she had been crying hard, her makeup was smeared, her eyes were red that me cry even harder. I cried all the way to the Mall most of the time at the Mall, On our way home, and at Church. The people at church were coming up to my mom and saying "I didn't know that was Jackie's grand Daughter"
I wish everyone would just shut up. It made me mad that Tawni and me never really knew each other that well.
Last night I was trying so hard to not believe that she was gone, but I guess I will have to make myself realize that she is really gone.
Today I was thinking, why did it have to be Tawni? I don't mean to be rude but why couldn't it have been another kid, and not her?
Earlier, we went to visit her Grandparents, we went inside to the kitchen where her grandma was, I looked a t the refrigerator and there was a picture of Tawni. Her little brother ran through the kitchen he stopped for a minute and looked at me, he looks exactly like her. I tried so hard not to cry.
I think God needed Tawni for something, but I don't know what or why.
Tawni was a very special girl. I love her so much. Please pray for her family.


Josh Hutcherson

In his short career, 14-year-old Josh Hutcherson has worked with many of Hollywood's finest actors and directors. He was most recently seen in Sony Pictures’ Barry Sonnenfeld-directed “RV,” co-starring as Robin Williams’ son. Josh joins the family on vacation in an RV where Robin’s inexperience and ulterior motives make for a wild adventure.
Josh recently completed production in Montreal starring opposite Brendan Fraser in Walden Media and New Line Cinema's "Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D." Directed by Eric Brevig, the film follows a scientist (Fraser) and his troubled nephew (Hutcherson) who, on an expedition in Iceland, stumble upon a mystery that leads them on a thrill-ride adventure, bringing them face to face with never-before-seen worlds and creatures.
Hutcherson can next be seen in the starring role of Walden Media/Walt Disney Picutres feature "Bridge to Terabithia" scheduled for release in February 2007. Shot entirely in New Zealand, the film is based on Katherine Paterson's award winning novel and directed by Gabor Csupo. The film tells the powerful story of a boy (Hutcherson) whose life is changed forever when he befriends the class outsider - who happens to be a girl (AnnaSophia Robb). Together they create the world of Terabithia, an imaginary kingdom filled with giants and trolls and all manner of magical beings. Also scheduled for a 2007 release is the Fox/New Regency film "Firehouse Dog," with Josh starring as a young man who happens upon a stranded Hollywood stunt dog whose unique abilities ultimately make him a canine firehouse hero.
In 2005, Hutcherson starred in the critically acclaimed Fox/New Regency film “Little Manhattan.” Directed by Mark Levin and Jennifer Flackert, the film co-stars Bradley Whitford and Cynthia Nixon. Set in the Big Apple, “Little Manhattan” is a romantic comedy about a young man’s fall into the mysterious and wonderful phenomenon known as “first love.” Hutcherson also starred opposite Tim Robbins in Sony Pictures’ Jon Favreau-directed adventure film “Zathura.” From the world of “Jumanji,” Josh plays a young man who plays a mysterious game and gets swept away on an improbable and perilous adventure into outer space. Josh won a Young Artist Award for “Leading Young Actor” for his role in the film. His film credits include Universal’s “Kicking and Screaming” in which he co-stars with Will Farrell and Robert Duvall. Josh also voiced a lead character in last summer’s Disney English-language release of Hayao Miyazaki's Oscar-nominated anime “Howl's Moving Castle.”In 2004, the young actor shared duties with Tom Hanks as the character of Hero Boy in Warner Brothers’ hit “The Polar Express,” a groundbreaking film using motion performance capture for its characters.Hutcherson's television credits include the TNT telepic “Wilder Days,” with Peter Falk, the Animal Planet feature “Miracle Dogs” and guest appearances on NBC's “ER,” Lifetime's “The Division” and ABC's “Line of Fire.”Josh’s hobbies include football, soccer, cars and competing in triathlons. Hutcherson resides with his Mom, Dad, and his younger brother Connor, in Kentucky. If you want to read more about hime there is a link to his blog under more buttons to click.

Okay, you guys might think I've gone boy crazy, and I probably have.


The Josh Post

Isn't he SO CUTE?


"Post A Comment About The Contest" Post



Contest for the Contest.

Remember the contest for who could come up with the best contest?
Well I have the winner.
It is Susie Badoozie.
The Contest is "Make a Cashier Laugh Day"
Which is 6-7-07
Thursday, June 7, 2007
The contest ends 6-9-07.
After you have made a cashier laugh, report back to me on the "Post a Comment about Make a Cashier Laugh Day" Post.....
Got it?
Okay, buh-bye.