The S Letter

Sammy Seamant
6060 Salamander Slide
Santon, Surville 686-6060

Sweet Sammy,

Hello! How is it in Santon? It's terrible in Twindle. Well, I have made a few new friends. Taryn, Tracy, The Triplets, Tina, Trace, and Traley. They're my best buds. ( You're my number one best bud!)
We have finally moved. We live on 2321 Terrance Trail. My twin brother Tyler just got back from seeing Dad. He said they went Turkey hunting. Ever since Mom and Dad got divorced Mom says Tyler and I have been nothing but trouble. In two months I get to go see Dad.
Yesterday at the Mall, Mom got me a turtle named Tater Tot. It's 9 pm here and I'm tired.
So how was school down in Santon? Did you get Miss Sally in Social Studies? My teacher's name is Lt. Taner. We have to call him that because he used to be a Lieutenant or something.
I can't believe I didn't call and tell you this! My mom is having another baby! She is due in 3 months. She still can't believe that she has been married to Trevor that long. It's only been 9 months. Trevor and Tammy Tylerson, it sounds pretty nice.
Well, I have to go look through a book of baby names with my mom...

Best Friends for Always.
Talulah Belle