My stapler hates me and I hate my stapler.

Yesterday at school I was playing with a stapler that Ok Slicks wife gave me, there was a staple stuck in it and I was trying to get it out, So I pushed the stapler down and stapled my thumb. Earlier that day I stapled another finger but it didn't go in that far. Thats why I hate my stapler. Do you hate yours?



These are Neopet Petpets, on Neopets you can make you own pet.
You can send it to school, by it things,and a lot of other stuff.
You can make 5 pets, and if you want to check it out you can go here.http://www.neopets.com

You have to sign up before you can make any pets.


Quiz your blogger friends

I got this idea off Dyl's World.....and I made a 70% on his quiz.

Puhleeeeze take my quiz here....


Do you have an imaginary friend?

I have an imaginary friend. Her name is Zelda. Yes I know there is a game called Zelda something something. So if you HAD or HAVE an imaginary friend please contact me @
http:/imaginaryfriends.com or call me @ 1-866-imagine-friends-13254. Please ask for
Burff Mox and he will transfor you from line 45684 to line 56795. Thank you for your time.

P.S. For those of you who have ISSUES you really will call.


Heres another one.

Why do you think this baby is grinning from ear to ear?
Here are your options,

a. He made a big whoops in his pants.

b. He met a nice girl in Rome and they are getting married on January 6th.

c.He has just won a trip for 4 to Italy.

d.He has won a Lamborghini. ( i didn't spell that right)

e.None of the above

Thw winner is.....

Susie, I am mad @ you because you got the secret right, so you don't get a prize! not really i will get you a prize.
(sooner or later!)


Why is this frog smiling?

This frog has a secret, waht do you think it is?

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