Daddy's Comic Strip

My Dad is a genius!

See where I get all my talent!
and good looks too?!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you can read this..(UJ)

1st panel: Saturday morning, UJ sleeps.....Aj is at work......
2nd: UJ is startled awake by the presence of fairies flying over his head:"We're those fairies?"
3rd: UJ has questions:
Breathing? hceck
Breathing? check!
Socks! ON?
Tummy? Hanging over
Hangover? Tummy...
Hungry? Yes..... I....
Hongreee? Hongreeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
4th panel: UJ begins long hike to kitchen. Sign reads El Paso....(walk to kitchen .5 miles)
5th panel says: Fridge empty...Fridge laughs "Ha!" Evil plot against UJ aka Batman in effect...(return walk 2.5 miles)
6th: UJ has donned Batman suit and is standing in front of McDonalds....

Special thanks to my wonderful, mother, Josefina for her tireless technical work on this post. :o)