Merry Kwismas

Merry Kwismas everybody. For those of you who celebrate Hanukkah, I expect a Hippopotamus from you. Well if it has already passed, I still expect one, the reason for this is because a person I admire deeply, posted a video on YouTube, expressing his want for a Hippo. So I would like one in honor of my admired person.


Uncle Joe said...

you don't need no hippo you silly thang.

Carly said...

ummmmm, yes i do, you do not know my needs, as a young gilr we expect alot, like from you i expect to get a good kwismas pwesant, from cassi i expect $1 a day, from mom i expect nothing because she gives me everything i expect, from shelby i expect her to STOP biting me, from charles, i expect him to grow up and move on with on of his nine lives.
so there.

Carly said...


Anonymous said...

wowsers...I like the bread people picture

have a gwate hawiday and a whappy pew cheer

Uncle Joe said...

santa cain't no hippopwotamwus down the darn chwimney.

Jamie Dawn said...

Hippopotamus in Spanish is hipopĆ³tamo.
I'm learning to speak Spanish.
I'd like to visit London someday. I could speak Spanish to the Londoners.

I hope you have a terrific Christmas!!

Jamie Dawn said...

NO, I did NOT eat ALL those cookies.

But, I DID eat about 25 cookies over the course of three days. My jeans are feeling a bit snug.
I wonder why???

Happy New Year to YOU!!!!!