Last night we had a Spring Dance at school. I didn't plan on going but my best friend Chelsey somehow talked me into going. I had attended the 1st dance in 6th grade, but didn't go to the last 2 we had, because the 1st time I went I got mad at a boy I liked. And this shocked me, I got mad at the boy I like now. He would dance with a girl right next to me, look at me, look away, and then just stand there. Boy's are retarded. Well not ALL of them.


Aunt Jo said...

Yes Honey, ALL boys are retarded.

They grow up to be retarded men.

Uncle Joe said...

Is this what goes on at dances?

You're only 5 years old, for pete's sake!

Leslee said...

Yes, ALL boys are retarded. Even the grown up ones.