Contest for the Contest.

Remember the contest for who could come up with the best contest?
Well I have the winner.
It is Susie Badoozie.
The Contest is "Make a Cashier Laugh Day"
Which is 6-7-07
Thursday, June 7, 2007
The contest ends 6-9-07.
After you have made a cashier laugh, report back to me on the "Post a Comment about Make a Cashier Laugh Day" Post.....
Got it?
Okay, buh-bye.


Saur♥Kraut said...

OK, here's my contribution. (It wasn't clear if I was supposed to publish it HERE or elsewhere, but I'll publish it here and leave it to you):

Yesterday my son and I and my friend "Rick" waited in line at the local grocery store. Now Rick has a terrible problem with junk food, and while we were waiting, Rick saw Slim Jims and asked if he could add it to our order. Meanwhile, the cashier was just starting to ring up my purchases.

"Sure!" I said brightly. "Go right ahead!" So, Rick gave it to the cashier who swiped it and handed it back to him. Rick peeled the wrapper off and chomped down on it, asking if WE would like a bite.

"Heck no!" I answered. "Not with mad cow disease! Ground beef and things like Slim Jims are made from beef harvested closest to the spine. The spinal fluid is easily compromised and can mix into the meat, thus contaminating it with prions, which can cause mad cow disease in humans and ultimately death within roughly a year."

As I said this, Rick kept puncutating my talk with "Oh NO. Don't TELL me this," and similar things. He got greener and greener, and the cashier began snickering. By the end of it, Rick gave up and left his Slim Jim unfinished. As we left, the cashier was still grinning.

Jamie Dawn said...

Susie DID come up with a winner!

I had a very grumpy cashier today in Walmart. I hope I can make one laugh before the deadline.

Enjoy your summer!!

Carly said...

I think I will extend the deadline..................

Jenn said...

I will do my best.

Jamie Dawn said...

I was at Walmart last night, I remembered your contest as I was about to pay for my stuff.
Here's what happened:

Me: I'm supposed to make you laugh.

Cashier: What's that, ma'am?

Me: Would you just laugh for me so I can tell Carly about it?

Cashier: Is this some kind of joke?

Me: I'm a blogger. I'm in a contest that involves making a cashier laugh and then writing about it. So, all I need is for you to laugh.

Cashier (laughing!!): Is this okay?

Me: That's perfect.

Cashier: Glad I could be of service to you, ma'am.

True story!! The cashier was a young man about my daughter's age or so, and he was very polite.
I like these very polite southern kids.