HaHaHa HA!

Ha! I met Jamie Dawn! Ha! You didn't HA HA HA!


Aunt Jo said...

Now, now Carly. Be nice or your are grounded.

:o) Mom

Jamie Dawn said...

Hooray!! We met!!!!!

You stopped by my blog and said that you look like a fat lard in the pictures I posted.
You DO NOT look like a fat lard, but if you have any lard on your body, you should be proud of it.

Click Here to see some wonderful sculptures made of lard.

Lard is beautiful, my dear, and I am glad for that since I have plenty, especially on my bohunkus. :-)

You are pretty and nice, and you have a great family. You are blessed!!!!

Go have a truffle!

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm heading out to leave on my vacation in just a few minutes.

Tell your parents and sissy I said HELLO!!!!!
I'll stop by your mom's blog when I get a chance.

Emma Sometimes said...

I am jealous, I'd like to meet Jamie Dawn too.

Anonymous said...

you do NOT look like a fat lard. remember this my friend....guys like girls with some meat on their bones!!! it is true. I get a lot more male attention now that I have put on weight. take it from an old gal, I used to be stick thin and I like it better now with more curves!!!

the one thing I noticed about your pic's is how tall you are getting and how much you have changed in only one year. You are such a cutey, you will soon be beating the boys off with sticks!