Okay for this Quiz you will need paper, and a pencil. Make sure you keep the piece of paper somewhere where you will be able to find it when I post the answers. Most of you have probably already taken this Quiz, I don't care.Okay here we go.

1. First write the numbers 1-11 in a column on the left side of your paper.
2. Beside the numbers 1 and 2 write any numbers you want.
3. Next to number 3 and number 7 write down members of the opposite sex.
4. Write anyone's name (friends,family,etc.) in spaces 4,5,6.
5. Write down four song titles in 8,9,10, and 11.


I will post the answers when everyone has told me that they have taken the Quiz.


Anonymous said...

I'll do it later..in answer to your question, the big dyl is not blogging lately and frankly It's ok with me cause I have to control it, and or help him and I'm just too bogged down. do you still want help with the template? i emailed your mom, so let her know and let me know and we will go from there...k?

Jenn said...

Hi Carly.

Jenn said...

Ok, I did it. Is this like Mad Libs?

Carly said...

No. Not Really.

Jamie Dawn said...

I took the quiz.
I will save my paper and look forward to your riveting answers.
I feel I am being set up for something silly!!!!

Carly said...

Don't worry your not.

Jamie Dawn said...

I saved my list, so what does it mean???????